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cutie and brenden


For my group’s project, we’ve worked with the cicada. Our base concept was to showcase the eventual growth and the journey through the cicada’s life to find a mate. After seventeen years underground, they come up and create noises to attract a mate. As such, our game revolves around selecting color-coded cicadas, each with their own unique sounds, and animations upon being highlighted. The cicada fades out, and goes back to the selection screen. The game utilizes Max, a joystick, and monitor to function.

tree background 1920.jpg

My work on the project was to design the background, based off of pictures I took of a forest. In addition, I’ve done various animations for the cicadas going up the trees. As the project began to evolve, so did the animations over time. Here is a compilation showcasing the changes over time. We’ve tried to take the criticisms that the children had of the game to heart, making the game as colorful and noisy as possible. Ironically, all the noise began to garner interest in the game, the same way the cicadas try to get the attention of potential partners. My background is used to showcase the cicadas’ journey, and my animations play when a bug is chosen.

During beta testing, we’ve met with some issues. One was the compression, and the likeliness of the animations to become glitched. This was fixed by updating the assets. Furthermore, since new cicada assets were created, I remade the animations, once for time, and the next time for the final presentation. There was also a “did you know” and a victory jingle added, but Max had issues running those and while the files exist, they weren’t in the final game.

While admittedly hard to meet up near the beginning, working as a team was a lot of fun. As we’ve gone further, our communication with each other improved, and this allowed the project to mature and evolve in a more professional way. In a way, we ended up learning more about the cicadas than the children did, but it was rewarding seeing the children playing the game and interacting with the different sounds the cicadas made.

word around town.jpg

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Project 5 – Product / Advertisement Project

Juice Ad

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3D Composite

3d composite.png

My 3D composite is an abandoned school. The light source comes from a crack in the ceiling and is reflected on my body, as I try to quietly scout the area.

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Visual Instrument



pastel cloud

My instrument generates variants of scalene triangles in real time. The controls are set up on a scale to affect how they work.. The way this works is that it generates white noise constantly, with theta, X-axis, and Y-axis values that can be tweaked to make the radius of the generated angles larger, but even more frequently.

The concept for the idea came from the multiple forms of symbolism os shapes. Triangles are usually representative of foundations, stability, and aspiring to something greater. Keeping this in mind, the use of the angles is to show how despite how different and unique the shapes are, they’re all uniform in their goals: to grow, to reach out, and to dream.

In a way, this is metaphorically of society as a collective. Everyone is unique, but most people find themselves desiring the same things, whether it’s power, love, or a sense of security. While I’d like to leave interpretation up to the audience, common visualizations I see are an explosion of creativity, unique and luminous diamonds forming one after the other, and last but not least, a rose in eternal bloom.

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Still Life

finished version.png

This is my still life project. Everything has been textured and photoshopped to include dents and scratches, and is supposed to be photorealistic. This comes with a layer of PSD networks I’ve edited using ProEXR.

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Game Feel Project: Cops and Runners

For the game, I’ve designed the character and the animations around them. Our character, Rob, is a robber trying to outrun the police. My animations include running, jumping, double, jumping, and flashing when hurt. My partners were Brenden, who did assets, and Maleek, who did the backgrounds. This started as an attempt to make a game juicy by design, which turned out to be a bad idea. Instead we went with a simple concept for a game idea, and made it juicy,

To make the game juicy, we’ve added a double jump, which if timed correctly, can facilitate the game. Flashing when hit is another attempt of juiciness, warning the player not to get hot again. Upon getting hit again, the police arrest Rob, and it’s game over. The scoreboard is also an attempt at juiciness, encouraging players to keep winning. The game itself is supposed to be easy, yet juicy, creating an addition to playing it and beating high scores.






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Asset and Level Design

Screen Shot 2018-09-26 at 3.06.43 PMScreen Shot 2018-09-26 at 9.31.15 PM.pngScreen Shot 2018-09-26 at 11.14.17 PM.png

These are screenshots from my game, Hot Dog: Road Hog. In the game, you go through different race tracks, avoiding enemies and getting to the finish line. The main change of design between levels is that the landscape becomes bigger, and more enemies appear, some larger, and some smaller. You control Hot Dog with the left and right keys, on a straightforward path dodging enemies. The enemies become more abundant, and cause you to either take a leap of faith, speeding across the platform impulsively, or noticing the patterns and taking your time. The game rewards memorization, allowing you to take it slow, or plot out one full linear movement.


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